Part 2 - Redux : Advanced Phrasing/Groove

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GETTING OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY - REDUX: A Multitude of Subtleties

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It has always been my goal to present this material in the clearest way possible. The beauty of having a "streaming only" course is having the ability to make it as great as it can possibly be. With the help of my close friend Justin Hopkins, we've endeavored to reimagine Getting Out of Your Own Way for 2019. We've made these ideas clearer whenever possible by adding new examples and deeper illustrations. And because I can, I've added some new performance footage I hope you'll enjoy. 

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Part 2 focuses on taking traditional phrasing and moving it into a more modern day context, as well as making sure that you’re being as open, deliberate and honest as possible while you’re improvising in the moment. We also get in depth with your groove, meter, feel and tonal concepts and how they all influence each other greatly in order for you to have your own identity.

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Instructional Course Contents:

PART 2 - Advanced Phrasing/Groove
Traditional Phrasing
Advanced Phrasing
Linear Phrasing
Experimenting with Triplet Subdivisions
Experimenting with Sixteenth Note Subdivisions
Multiple Bar Phrases
Combining Subdivisions
Leaving Space
Opening Up Odd Note Groupings
Coming Up With Your Own Phrases
Template Modulations
Singing and Playing
Choice Cuts
Tonal Goals
How Does Technique Affect Tone?
Ego in Relation to Confidence
Left Leg Time Keeping Spectrum
Dancing While Playing
Odd Groupings In a Groove
Playing on Top of Behind the Beat
Playing in the Cracks
Plus Tons of Studio and Live Performance Footage!